Kansas Farmworker Heath Program Recognized as Innovative!

The Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program (KSFHP) was recognized for its innovative practices in the Health Outreach Partners’ 10 Years of Innovative Outreach Practices: A Collection of Outreach Strategies from the Field. 

KSFHP was recognized for assessment of farmworker need and outreach practices in Kansas.  These efforts include the formal needs assessment in 2009 using a telephone survey and 50 select questions from the CDC Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System.  A total of 584 (of 2,382 registered farmworkers) were surveyed including 269 Low German speaking and 284 Spanish speaking clients.  To supplement the survey results regarding need and health status at least seven annual focus groups are held each year throughout the state.  KSFHP hires bilingual regional case managers and health promoters to provide screening of health needs, health education, and support services.

For more information about the Kansas Statewide Farmworker Health Program go to www.ksfhp.org.    www.ksfhp.orgLike the program on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ksfhp.