Kansas 2014-15 Agricultural Outreach Plan available…

The Program Year 2014 Kansas Wagner-Peyser Agricultural Outreach Plan is now available for review and comment.  This time frame ranges from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.  A PDF copy of the plan can be found on this website by clicking on PY2014 Kansas Agricultural Outreach Plan or by pointing your browser to:


The document is a Word document; if security boxes pop up, click on cancel twice and the document should open up for you.

This plan was prepared in accordance with USDOL Training and Employment Guidance Letter 13-13.  The guidance letter can be found at:


Please forward comments to Susan Weidenbach, Kansas Department of Commerce Manager of Adult and Youth Services, at sweidenbach@kansascommerce.com, or to me using this site’s Contact Me page.

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