Ntn’l Farmworker Awareness Week 2015

The Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) of North Carolina is once again spearheading National Farmworker Awareness Week (NFAW) events to raise awareness of farmworker conditions in communities across the U.S.  and to honor farmworkers’  contributions from which we all benefit every day.  NFAW is March 24-31, 2015.

According to Farmworker Justice, “the week pays respect to the 2.4 million farmworkers who labor in our fields to feed not only us Americans but also the world.  In 2013, exports of consumer-oriented agricultural products from the United States resulted in $64 billion in trade, increasing two-fold since 1995…During this week, we not only acknowledge this significant contribution of farmworkers but also call for better living and working conditions for farmworkers and their families by working to educate ourselves and raise public awareness.”

Several organizations are sponsoring events and campaigns which coincide with NFAW events. These include the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs’ National Long Sleeve Shirt Drive; the United Farm Workers’ Cesar Chavez National Day of Service Campaign, and many others across the country.

Find what is happening in your area by visiting SAF’s events calendar with links to events, resources, and social media.