Harvest America Corporation

HAC LogoHarvest America Corporation (HAC) is a community action  organization which provides services in the following areas:  emergency services, home ownership, asset development, financial literacy for youth, and support services for victims of human trafficking.

Harvest America has offices in Dodge City, Garden City, Goodland, Hays, and Kansas City.  Contact Harvest America by phoning toll-free at (800) 556-5135.  More information is available at http://www.harvestamerica.org/.  Mobile users can use this Google mobile page for easier viewing.

Harvest America Needs Assessment

Harvest America is conducting a community needs assessment to determine services which are needed by the people it serves and where they go to received them.  The 2015 needs assessment may be completed and submitted online through the Harvest America page by clicking on this HAC 2015 Needs Assessment link.

This brochure page gives quick information about HAC’s locations and program services.  Please click to enlarge.

HAC Brochure Pg. 2



Resources for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Kansas

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