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Kansas Workers Compensation Ombudsman/Claims Advisory Section

Ombudsmen specialize in aiding injured workers, employers and insurance professionals with claims information and problems arising from job related injuries and illnesses. They act in an impartial manner and are available to provide the parties with general information about the current issues within the workers compensation system. For example, the ombudsmen have current information on legislative changes, changes due to decisions made by the Workers Compensation Board, the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. The Ombudsman Section can also assist parties with specific issues on current workers compensation claims.

Assisting Injured Workers Who Need:
•General information
•Medical treatment
•Benefits not now being paid or not being paid on a timely basis
•Resolution of unpaid medical benefits
•To make timely notification to employer
•Information about procedures for filing for a hearing or an appeal
•Assistance with entitled benefits as a survivor (fatal claims)
•Informal dispute resolution
•Mediation assistance
•To speak with a Spanish speaker

Other Assistance Provided:
•Looking up insurance companies
•Assisting with collection of medical bills by identifying appropriate carrier
•Researching prior injuries (if permitted by work comp laws)
•Responding to legislative inquiries
•Conducting presentations and workshops
•Providing information on the effects of child support orders on workers compensation benefits
•Making referrals to other agencies

The Kansas Workers Compensation main website can be found at:

Please note: many agricultural jobs in Kansas are NOT covered by Workers Compensation under state law. H-2A jobs are covered as required by federal law.

Dial toll free (800) 332-0353 for assistance.


Resources for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Kansas

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